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Eminem became popular thanks to his exquisite talent in…

Stand-up comedy
Parodying other performers

Not a real Rap Fun!

It is understandable, as there should never be any disputes about one’s tastes. But we would like to encourage you to listen to some of his greatest hits with which Eminem affected teenagers of his era. You will surely not regret that choice!

Eminem would be proud!

It seems that you have heard at least some of the songs of the artist we are dealing with today. Good for you! However – if you are a real fan of his music, it is highly advisable to seek some in-depth analyses of his works of art and then repeat the test.

The real Slim Shady!

Eminem could not hide any relevant secrets from you even if he tried! You just know him and his artistic achievements too well. We admire the level of your interest in this rapper – it was awarded the highest possible score!