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How often does he look at you?

Almost all the time when he’s around
He glances at me from time to time
I didn’t notice yet

Interested in You!

His body and mind send subconsciously signs which show a clear sympathy for you. We advise you to wait and see what time will bring. You might have to wait a few days but certainly it is worth it. It promises to be close acquaintance.

Not Clear!

Everything seems to indicate that he likes you, but you can not be sure that he does it in such a way that you want it to. Maybe you should try more to enthrall him, to seduce or to show that you care for him. Between you smolders a small flame, you have to kindle it.

Not Really!

Unfortunately, the situation is rather hopeless. His behavior doesn’t indicate that he is interested in you. If you think that he is nice to you this for sure because he’s just a nice guy. You should stop wasting time to dream about him and remember that love often comes unexpectedly.