Do you spend your money reasonably?

Do you spend your money reasonably?
reasonable money spending
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If you constantly wonder how is it possible that your money disappear so quickly you should consider changing the way you spend it. This quiz will tell you what you can do to take control over your outgoes and save some money.

Do you think that you work only for money?

Of course
It depends on your job
Everybody has own mission and can complete it in particular job

How often do you check your account to see how much money do you have?

Every day and each time I do big shopping
Always when I do vast shopping
When my debit card refuses to cooperate

Do you read your bills at the restaurant or in the supermarket?

I always check is everything correct
I take a look sometimes
I always throw it out

Do you spend more than you have?

I always control my wallet and don’t have any debts
When I’m in urgent situation then I can take a debt
I don’t care about my debts at the moment

Do you give tips?

I always give 10% of my order as a tip
I sometimes give a tip if the waitress was nice
I don’t give any tips. It’s their work to serve me

Do you higgle?

I always try to pay less and very often it works
I don’t care about such little amounts
I always take the most expensive goods

Do you borrow money?

If the person is trustworthy then I borrow money
Only to my family in urgent situation
I never borrow anything

You’re tight fisted!

You always have money for a rainy day. Nobody really knows how much savings do you have. You are very frugal but sometimes you can appreciate somebody’s effort and leave a tip or let keep the change. Every big purchase is well thought out. You should remember that money is not the most important thing in your life and try to improvise sometimes.

You are reasonable!

You are not frugal neither lavish. There are times when you can spend big amounts of money but after that period you can tighten your belt. You borrow money reasonably to close friends and family but only if you trust them. You have your one goal, which make you save small amounts of money in your piggy bank.

You can earn a lot of money quickly but you can spend it even quicker!

You know how to get money for your whims. If you were more frugal you will be able to save fortune but you’re not. Every time you go out with friends you like to buy a round or two. Your wallet even is full or empty. You have got few credit cards and some debts to pay. If you won’t change your way of living you can’t grow up and start a family. Think what is more important foe you.