Do you live life to the fullest?

Do you live life to the fullest?
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Life is short and you should take as much as you can. Do you seize each opportunity for better life? If you don’t want to regret in future all the missed chances answer these questions and check out what should you do.

How often do you say “I told you so”?

Never. I don’t pry into somebody’s business
Quite often, because I’m always right but nobody wants to listen me
All the time. Without my advice my family would trail in

How much time do you spend at work?

I try to spend there as little time as I can b) I stay at work exactly the time of my shift, not a minute longer c) Sometimes I stay at work until late evening
I stay at work exactly the time of my shift, not a minute longer
Sometimes I stay at work until late evening

Did your dreams come true?

I do all I can to realize my dreams and help to realize dreams of my family
My dreams can be too hard to realize but I still have hope and don’t pull back
I have no dreams at this moment

How many times in year do you go for holidays?

at least twice a year for about 2 weeks
at least once a year
I don’t remember when I was on vacation

If you have to choose among these presents for your birthday, what would you choose?

voucher for a mystery trip
tickets for a super bawl
new iPad

What was your last purchase?

sport equipment
electronic device

Dou you have pet?

I have a dog since I was a child
I have a goldfish
I hate animals at home

How do you imagine your last day before the end of the world?

reaching the highest peak in the world
doing all things which I always wanted to do, spending all money
preparing my shelter in the cellar

Free-living person!

We can all learn from you how to take advantage of all the goods which world gives us. You’re optimist and sometimes a butterfly. Other people envy you your courage but there are also those who think that you’re mad. It’s almost sure that you won’t say that you regret something in your life. Maybe sometimes it is good to stop and look back for a moment to maintain some balance in your life. Adrenaline and emotions can be addictive but remember that such value as family is also important.

Master of planning!

You know what is important in your life and you try to devote some time equally to your desire to be free and wild and to the composed part of your life where is place for family, work and faith. You try to do crazy thing but you always think about the risk. You don’t miss any chance even if it is only a pair of shoes on the sale. You can read all the hidden signs which fate gives us.


I know that controlling emotions and typically exhibiting good judgement and decision making skills is rather positive side of your nature but if you don’t want to get bitter and regret many things you must change your attitude. When you see a smiling face of a stranger on the street just smile. You never know who can you meet. Start from little things like a small talk in the queue, buying something which you haven’t planned to buy.