Can you take care of your own happiness?

Can you take care of your own happiness?
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We spend live on the daily pursuit and often forget about finding time for ourselves. Sometimes, however, it is worth to stop and take care of ourselves more than others. From time to time we all need a bit of relaxation and time to fulfill our desires – this allows us to function correctly!

When going on vacation, what do you want?

The Escape - time to regenerate itself among relatives
Have fun and do what will come to your mind

You want to make yourself pleasure and decide to getaway to the SPA. What is your first thought when you book a voucher?

Worried about what you will going to do there
You hope that you chose well
You will have a great time

Suddenly it turns out that you have a free afternoon. What are you doing?

You go for a walk, go shopping - you just do what you want
Check your list of 'things to do' and decide what you will do
You call a friend and ask whether or not he will spend it with you

You're going to have very busy day. How are you preparing for it?

You do task list to not forget anything
What will be will be - you do not stressed out
Taking care to keep everyone happy

A friend asks a favor of you, but you do not feel like helping...

You don't have a problem with saying "no"
You explain what you feel in this situation and look how she reacts before you give her a definitive answer
Give up. In the end, you're doing it for a friend

Thinking about your needs and desires and acting solely in your interest is to you:

Impossible. The world does not revolve only around you!
Important. You are not selfish, but also think about your desires!
Great but quickly evokes in you a sense of guilt

How do you feel when you can't reach your goal or can't will fulfill your ambition?

Little disappointed, but I believe it will be the next time
This is for you a great defeat
You did your best and this is important

Neglecting Your Happiness!

Have you ever heard of such a thing as “time for yourself” …? It seems that you do not understand the idea of devoting time exclusively to itself. If you are not orthodox nun, why you continue to beat yourself? You too rarely allow yourself to small pleasures. You only think about others’ happiness, even without taking into account your desires. You’re busy doing things for others and with others. You’ll do anything to make them happy. Constantly taking care of friends and your other half has become your obsession, this is why you forget about yourself! Take a look at the past: do you remember the joy that once caused you all the little pleasures ?!

You Must Devote Yourself More Attention!

Always give yourself more attention! It seems that you haven’t not discovered yet the secret of taking care of yourself. You love to spend time for yourself and your small pleasures, but finding the time to do it during the day you find difficult. You’re trying to use your free time as best you can. You enjoy the simple pleasures such as cooking, reading or walking. Do you think that taking too many breaks during the day spoils, and this results in a sense of guilt and stress. You are not alone in this thinking, but you have to accept the fact that the “time for me” is necessary for trickle charging the battery life. If you properly take care of yourself, you feel good with myself, so do not brake any longer!

You Know How To Take Care Of Yourself!

Small pleasures, which you allow yourself from time to time positively affect the condition of your well-being – both mental and physical. You managed to achieve a balance between what you need to do in life and what you like, and this is a rare skill. You are independent and confident. You rest whenever you really need and include in its distribution of free time for yourself.