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You take your partner’s notebook. What will be her/his reaction?

She/he will not pay attention
She/he will tear it out of my hands
She/he will try to distract me

You are lucky! You have nothing to fear!

You can have confidence and leave as much freedom as much as you think is appropriate. You are loved and admired, so you have nothing to fear. You are on your way to survive together a lifetime. Your chosen one understands that you are not his / her property and it never will be. This allows you to have your own life while living in your problems and joys. Sometimes you get the feeling that she/ he is hiding something from you. That’s right, but this is not something that could affect your relationship.

Too much freedom will kill your love!

You have a partner who you can trust, but do not leave too much freedom. If you want to be loved you have to fight for it. It is not difficult. If you start to treat sex routinely, you will not show inventiveness and come to the conclusion that you’re always the best, it will soon become apparent that your partner will begin to look for others who will help him/her feel something new. If you can understand the person, her humor, and strange changes in mood and give up part of their habits it will make her/him happy.

Not a trustworthy partner!

There are two possible ways to develop trust in your relationship. The first way is your submission in every way, which will indeed be held entirely. The second way is a stormy relationship full of tension, breakups, and returns, which sooner or later will end. Unless you like life based on “Moonlighting”, then this is for you the best partner that will provide you with as much emotion during the month, like any other during the year. Please note! Do not mess with such people. Their principle of trust is a total lack of confidence in ourselves, to others, to a man or a woman.