BMX is all-the-rage now! Would you like to hop in?

Did you ever ride a BMX?
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Hop on your bike and show us some of your best tricks, rider! What is more, during a short break between the consecutive sessions, you may also check our new quiz on BMX! Are you as big a fan as you consider yourself to be?

The basic trick on a BMX based on making a jump together with the bike is called…


What is the name of the bars attached to both sides of the wheel and making it possible for the rider to perform more tricks?

Handle bars

What is the name of an international event during which riders show their best tricks to the audience?

BMX Extravaganza
Extreme Olympics
X Games

Which of the following is NOT a BMX rider?

Mat Hoffman
Dave Mirra
Steve Caballero

The BMX acronym stands for…

Bicycle motocross
Baby motocross
Beautiful motocross

The sport discipline based on performing a number of tricks on an even surface is called…

BMX street
BMX flatland
BMX vert

Not a BMX enthusiast!

You may be a huge fan of skateboard or wakeboard – and we completely understand that! Nevertheless, never be afraid of trying something new, as BMX may become your biggest passion of all times.

You have reached a crossroad.

There is the possibility of settling down and focusing on the satisfaction of the already possessed knowledge. On the other hand, you may also try to expand it and become a true expert in the field!

BMX pro!

Great job on nailing almost all the answers and obtaining an above-average result! It is just great to know that there are such devoted and knowledgeable fans out there!

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