Avril Lavigne – Are you the Skater Girl’s fan?

How much do you know about Avril Lavigne?
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She is young, beautiful, and talented! Girls faint listening to her voice and boys would like to be skater boys to impress her. Avril started as a young Canadian rebel and stormed hit lists with her top songs! That is why she deserved her own quiz. Let us get started!

When was Avril born?

5 January 1988
1 March 1990
27 September 1984

What is the main health problem of Avril Lavigne she has admitted to?

Chronic headaches

At what age did Avril sign the very first record deal in her career?

At the age of 12
At the age of 14
At the age of 16
At the age of 18

During which event was Avril the representative of Canada, her home country ?

During the opening ceremony of 2010 Summer Olympics
During the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics
During the opening of X Games in 2012

In which of the following teen TV series Avril appeared ?

Gossip Girl
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Are the tattoos Avril wears real?

No, they are fake
She has only one real tattoo – the one of a star
All of her tattoos are real

Where did Avril spend the majority of her free time while still being a teenager?

In Oslo
In Belleville
In Nepanee
In London

You are into other kinds of music and we get that.

It is hard to please everyone, but at least try to give Avril a chance, as she is an exceptionally talented and bright girl that will rock your world with her rebel-like attitude. Check out at least one of her awesome hits!

We are more than sure that you like Avril Lavigne.

You showed that by answering the majority of questions right and showing us that music truly connects people. It is astonishing what such a small Canadian girl can do to the heart of a grown-up man or woman, right? We think this is the main reason why we love her so much!

Hasn’t Avril sung at least one song about you?

You are so devoted and faithful fan of hers, that she must have spotted you during one of her numerous concerts. You are a true symbol of the miraculous impact of music on the heart and soul of a human being. Feel free to repeat the test and show us your knowledge about this Canadian rock star!