Are you vain?

Are you vain?
are you vain quiz
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Are you vain?

Have you ever heard that you are vain? Did you think why people see you that way? If you haven’t heard that but you feel that on your own you can check it by answering our questions in the below are you vain quiz. Just a few simple questions will give you a clear picture of your self-conceit.

Do you often pay compliments?

Yes. I like to appreciate other people
If somebody really deserves than yes

Do you believe in compliments, which your friends tell you?

No. I have many complexes
Not always. It depends on the person
Sure! Why should they lie?

Do you believe in selflessness of other people?

Yes. I always want to believe in peoples good intentions
It depends on the person and the situation
Nobody is really selflessness

Have you got any flaws?

I have a lot of flaws but I try to ignore them
Nobody is perfect
I don’t have. I’ perfect

Are you perfectionist?

I would like to be but I have flash in the pan
I’m a perfectionist when something is very important to me
I’m perfect in all what I do

What is your reaction when somebody pays you compliment?

I always say thank you even if know this is not true
I say thank you and try to repay the same
I say I know

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?

I hate my reflection in the mirror so I try to avoid it as I can
Every time before I go out. I spend there about 20 minutes
I can look at myself all the time but I can’t so I stop every time I pass any mirror or shop-window

What would you choose – to give a present or to get one?

I like giving so my answer is obvious
It’s hard question, both do a great fun
I would definitely like to get a present


You must work on your self-esteem. You have a tendency to excessive self-criticism even if you deserve praise. Something or somebody must have a bad influence on your esteem in the past. Today you always feel that what you do is not enough. You don’t have many friends because you have problems trusting other people.


You belong to a group of people who don’t have problems with their self-esteem. You know your real value but you don’t exaggerate. You like to be complimented but it sometimes can be confusing for you. There are situations where you have doubts but generally, you can be calm.


You like praise and they mobilize you to be more active. You like also flattering you even when it is false. You take everything for granted. You don’t like to share so it is hard for people to see your real advantages, which means that you don’t have many friends. People feel diffident in your company.


Thank you for taking this are you vain quiz. Feel free to browse through other lifestyle quizzes.