Are you a true Lord of the Rings fan?

Are you a true Lord of the Rings fan?
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It is not a secret that the universe of the Lord of the Rings created by J.R.R. Tolkien has a tremendous number of fans analyzing every single detail of their beloved saga in search for new, astonishing pieces of information. Are you one of them? Do you love the films as much as we do?

If you tried many Lord of the Rings quizzes and there is not many that can surprise you, try the Lord of the Rings quiz below!

Who played the famous hobbit, Frodo Baggins in all three films of the series?

Viggo Mortensen
Elijah Wood
Andy Serkis
Michael Bay

Do all characters playing hobbits wear wigs in the series?

Yes, they all do
Yes, with the exception of Billy Jackson
No, all the characters have natural hair

How long were all the scenes in New Zealand shot?

For 300 days
For 554 days
For 438 days

How many pieces of armor were used by the crew to make the characters look as plausible as possible?

Around 34 thousand
Around 48 thousand
Around 100 thousand

What is the name of the actor starring as Gandalf in the series?

Allan Grey
Ian McKellen
Henry Atkinson
Edwin McGregor

How long do all the movies in the theatrical version last while combined together?

Over 700 minutes
Over 300 minutes
Over 600 minutes

Many costumes of Uruk-Hai were created by computer graphics. However, some of them were real. How many of them?

One hundred
One thousand
One hundred thousand

How many Oscar nominations did the Return of the King win?

None of them
Seven out of eleven
Eleven out of eleven

You are not a fantasy-liking kind of person.

You prefer hardcore science fiction, breathtaking romantic films, and other types of productions not incorporating elves, dwarves, and hobbits. Even though you seem not to be keen on the Lord of the Rings series, we are glad that you tried your luck and took this test!

My precious! You know a lot about the Lord of the Rings and we can clearly see that all the movies were a pleasure for you to watch – it was reflected in your answers. In your free time, you may choose to expand your horizons and find out more about your most favorite characters from the films.

You went to Mordor and returned safely!

Even the most difficult questions did not manage to stop you on your quest for knowledge and better understanding of the saga! Your answers were so correct that you may expect Gandalf to personally visit you in your house to congratulate you on your achievement!