Hypochondriac quiz. Are you a hypochondriac?

Are you a hypochondriac?
Hypochondriac quiz
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Hypochondriac quiz. Are you a hypochondriac?

There are some people who suffer from imaginary ailments. When someone of your friends has a headache, and this one immediately wonders if he too does not have the same disease and immediately imagines the worst. Such symptoms include hypochondria which treatment should take place as well as many other diseases. Have you got those symptoms? Take this hypochondriac quiz and find out!

How is your first-aid-kit equipped?

I have there everything and even more
Basic pills
Pain killers

If somebody from your close friend ill do you wonder whether the same is happening to you?

At each time
Sometimes, but I forget it quickly
I don’t feel such need

Do you like watching tv programs about health and diseases?

I don’t watch nothing more
From time to time

If you have a pain in the same part of your body for few times what do you think?

I don’t think but go to the doctor
I get a pill and forget about the pain

What do you do when you have got a flu?

I stay at home in my bed and call the doctor
I take some pills and wear warm clothes
I do nothing

How do you feel in hospital?

I feel there safe
It depends on the situation
I hate hospitals do I don’t go there

What is your answer when somebody asks you how are you?

I immediately talk about all my pains and diseases
I tell what is going on at the moment in my life
I always say Ok. Thank you

Do you know the history of all diseases in your family?

I know each disease
I know only about the worst cases and about my parents health
I don’t want to know


You are permanently sick, but it is no big deal. It’s your imagination, which intensifies the negative state of your health and creates an imaginary disease. Every pain, every ailment is treated by you as a sign of impending disaster and death. About your own ailments you talk to accidentally met people. As a hypochondriac you analyze problems of others and you adjust them to yourself. Among the many diseases whose symptoms are similar you choose the worst and you are convinced that you’re right. Such behavior very wearies your relatives and loved ones feel terrorized by you. To make matters worse you take huge amounts of medication.

There are days that hypochondria applies to you too!

Sometimes it seems that you are seriously ill, though it may be a simple cold. However, if you do not hurt, you feel wrong, it seems to you that this state will last forever, and no imaginary diseases will come to your mind. However, if the pains begin to repeat then you create a scenario of disease. Regardless of your approach to diseases you need more care of your health. It would be good to do basic blood tests, x-rays, etc. After all, it costs so little. One thing is certain – you do not belong to the people who care about minor ailments. However, significant disease drives you to despair, which causes the feeling sicker than you actually are.

Hypochondria does not concern you!

If you are ill it certainly is not an imaginary disease. You try to downplay your own ailments and diseases. You think that if you won’t think about it then it wouldn’t bother you. You do not like going to the doctor. Not even because you think you will not get help. It is because every contact with the health service costs you a lot of health. This attitude can lead to the fact that it will be too late for effective treatment. After all, prevention is better than cure. You have to realize that you’re afraid of medical diagnosis and therefore avoid the doctor.