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What is your favorite film?

The Hangover
Pretty Woman
Apollo 13

Better wait

You better wait until you wise up. At the moment marriage is not for you. You’re footloose and fancy-free so better take your time, live your present life to the fullest and plan your future slowly. If you don’t want to go through divorce don’t be hot-headed and think twice before you propose to somebody. You can share your life with somebody without a ring on a finger.

Make a choice

You’re at the point of your life when you need to decide what should you do with your life. Your future marriage depends on your attitude and determination. If you feel that you should change your life and start new one with somebody who you love you must lay down some beliefs and habits of a bachelor.

Perfect spouse-to be

I don’t know why are you free yet cause you are great material for a wife or husband. It seems that you are easygoing, mature and liable. Marriage will be a good step of course if you choose appropriate partner.