Are you a good material for a husband or a wife?

Are you a good material for a husband or a wife?
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You hear all the time that your friends are getting married. Days are passing by and you are still single. If you think of getting married too, check first are you a good material for a spouse.

What is your favorite film?

The Hangover
Pretty Woman
Apollo 13

What do you usually do when you have free weekend?

Visiting family

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t believe in love at all
It can be real but I don’t think I would be so lucky
Yes, I believe cause I have fallen in love that way

Which phrase is most appealing to you?

Love triangle
Puppy love
Love at the first sight

Do you believe in friendship between man and woman?

It’s only matter of time when it will turn into affair
Yes, if they already are lovers
Yes, I know a lot of couples of friends

Would you forgive betrayal?

I think yes, everybody can make a mistake
I will probably try but I don’t know the effects

What would you do if you see your boyfriend or girlfriend dancing with someone else at a party?

Go to different party and do the same
Continue dancing
Slap her/him in the face

You want to go to the cinema, but you friend wants to see a football match on tv. What would you do?

I would go to the cinema with another friend
I would watch the match and try to convince him to go to the cinema later
I just stay at home and prepare some snacks for the match

What would you do if your husband/wife will forget about important anniversary?

Let her/him make it up to me
Forgive but make a threat
Kiss and accept the fact that she/he has no brain

How would you react when your husband/wife would come home very late without any message?

Accuse of cheating
Make him sleep on couch
Let him explain first

Better wait

You better wait until you wise up. At the moment marriage is not for you. You’re footloose and fancy-free so better take your time, live your present life to the fullest and plan your future slowly. If you don’t want to go through divorce don’t be hot-headed and think twice before you propose to somebody. You can share your life with somebody without a ring on a finger.

Make a choice

You’re at the point of your life when you need to decide what should you do with your life. Your future marriage depends on your attitude and determination. If you feel that you should change your life and start new one with somebody who you love you must lay down some beliefs and habits of a bachelor.

Perfect spouse-to be

I don’t know why are you free yet cause you are great material for a wife or husband. It seems that you are easygoing, mature and liable. Marriage will be a good step of course if you choose appropriate partner.

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