Are you a good match?

Are you a good match?
Are you a good match
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Are you a good match?

You are in a relationship but you feel something is wrong. If you want to make sure is everything right just answer honestly some very easy questions. After taking this are you a good match quiz you will find out do you really match together or do you have no chance to go well together at all.

How often do you argue?

from time to time

Which of this activities do you do together?

shopping, cooking, cleaning
traveling, dancing, eating out
arguing, making love, eating

What is your first thought when you wake up?

to kiss my love
to call my love
eat breakfast

Where and how do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

in a big house with children and a dog
making vertiginous career
traveling around the globe

Does your love share your hobby?

we do almost everything together
she/he is happy that I have my passion
she/he can’t stand what I’m doing in free time

How much time a day do you spend together?

more than 7 hours a day
more than 2 hours a day
few times a week

Do you like her/his parents?

they’re ok
I don’t know them yet
the are weird old people

As the two halves of apple

You’re meant for each other. You’re never bored together cause you like to do the same things. You are lucky that you have found your second half. You can trust each other and you can always count on your partner. For you being together means that you decide about your life together and this way your life is easier. Take care about your love and don’t let it go cause not everyone is that lucky.

Time will tell

You’re not sure is this the right person for you but you are obviously in love. Especially at the beginning of you acquaintance you can be blind for some things that normally would drive you crazy. If you really want to know how serious it this relationship you don’t have other choice that just wait and see what time will tell you.

This was a mistake

You don’t go well together. Everybody sees that this relationship has no future. It seems that one of you is trying harder than the other. You probably argue about small things. If the only thing that holds you together is affection or what is worse it’s only a matter of getting used to each other.

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