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My partner likes to confide in me when he has problems

Yes, we talk very often
I don’t know if he/she has any problems
No, he\she doesn’t like to talk about problems

Very solid relationship

It does not matter how long do you know, because you are a very matched couple. You are tolerant of each other, open-minded, you know a lot and like each other. While trying to spend together as much time, also let each other for a little respite from the partner. You know how to listen to each other and like talk to each other. Constantly you discover something new and interesting in your partner. Thanks to mutual acceptance are not hard to confess to mistake. You have a lot of confidence in each other. Thanks to all this, there is a very good chance that your relationship will survive for many years.

You still have a chance

It is not as bad as you sometimes think. With your partner you have quite a lot of things in common, and as far as getting to know there may be more and more. Sometimes you have a little trouble in agreement, perhaps it is difficult for you to admit that your partner is right. Do not worry – in close relation admitting to mistake is not a failure, on the contrary, you can gain a partner’s respect. Try also devote more time to listen to your partner, so that you can get to know and come closer to her (his) affairs. You should also take care both about balance in your relationship. If you’re dominant, you should try sometimes to give way and not to conduct a partner. If you still want to be together, you have a good chance to survive for many years.

Difficult task to maintain this relationship

Large differences in views divide you. Also tastes and interests are totally different and yet you’re still together. However, it is not an easy task. Perhaps you know each other too short and it is still hard to talk about full trust. Or is it that your being together is a way for solitude or just plain coincidence. However, at the present moment your relationship is rather like solitude for two. There is a large emotional distance, low level of mutual interest, and sometimes too high level of criticism and lack of acceptance. If you’d like to be together in a more satisfactory way, you should become more open to each other, try to find more positive traits of your partner. Do not end your relationship, especially if you are together for a long time.