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What do you think about parents who take babies to a restaurant?

I have nothing against if the restaurant is adapted to such guests
I don’t see a problem until babies are polite and behave well
I can’t understand these parents how can they stand such a mess

You’re as ready as you will ever be!

This is the right time to start a family. You are responsible and patient person who needs only one thing to be complete. Baby will strengthen your relationship and open new horizons. You can start thinking about a baby’s bedroom. If your other half is willing to become a parent you can’t wait no longer.

With the right person aside you will be great parent!

If you don’t feel sure enough to take responsibility for another human being you must trust in your partner’s readiness. Sometimes good intentions and strong motivation can change person completely. If know you are confused everything can change after one look in your baby’s eyes.

You better wait some time!

This is not perfect time to become a parent. You want to live your life to the fullest so baby would be an obstacle for you. If your partner insists try to convince him/her that you can wait a year or two. If this won’t work you should consider breaking up if you don’t want to make anybody miserable.