Am I afraid of commitment? Fear of commitment quiz!

Am I afraid of commitment?
Am I afraid of commitment quiz
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Am I afraid of commitment? Are you wondering if that is true?

You are in a relationship but you both feel that something is going wrong and you don’t know what. One of the most common causes of braking up is the fear of commitment. If you want to check your attitude to devote a big part of your life to somebody take this am I afraid of commitment quiz.

Your best friend is planning bachelorette party a year in advance, since it requires booking flights and a hotel. When she asks whether you’ll be able to make it, you:

Immediately agree
Ask her to wait some time to let me check and make arrangements
I refuse since I don’t want to be pinned down

Adoption of a pet like cat or dog would make you…

feel happy. I can’t wait to cuddle this little creature
feel iffy. I don’t know if I manage
feel horrified. Too much responsibility

Try to think of your lat three romantic relationships and say what stage did you made it to.

Serious commitment
Casual dating

If you are planning a two weeks trip abroad which option of transport would you choose?

Renting a car

What do you think about making huge financial commitment like buying a house?

I have this in my plans in the nearest future
Why not. If I have enough income and good job
I don’t feel like being restricted with such commitment

Do you think about starting family?

My clock is ticking so I would like to have a baby
Sometimes when I see a happy picture of parents playing with kids
It’s definitely not for me. I don’t like kids

Do you like risk?

I’m rather calm type of person and risk is not for me
There are moments when such emotions are needed to restart
I can’t imagine my life without risk. It would be terribly boring

You’re ready to settle down!

You’re ready to share your life with someone — just don’t be overeager about it. Being ready means that you have a great life and you wish to share it with someone else, but you don’t have a specific time frame.

You’re on the fence about commitment!

You’re in your headway too much, constantly overanalyzing every detail of your relationships and never content to simply love and be loved. “Instead of worrying about the future so much, learn to focus on the present and let yourself grow through your relationship experiences.

You’re time didn’t come yet!

You’re too independent and curious about the world to set any limits. You didn’t use all of the chances which life has offered to you. If your relationship is getting worse it can mean that your other half wants more than you. The only way to fix it is by sincere talk.

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