Am I a Good Husband Quiz. Are you a good husband?

Are you a good husband?
am i a good husband quiz
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Am I a good husband?

Are you always trying to do your best, always trying to be good husband?

If you keep wondering whether you really are a good husband? By taking below am I a good husband quiz you might just figure that out!

Do you TRULY love your wife? Do you want to prove to yourself by solving a simple, yet exceptionally test? If it is so, just scroll down and think about the most suitable answer to provide to the questions you will be presented within this good husband quiz. Good luck!

The top priority for you after getting back from work is to…

Get hammered
Visit your ex-girlfriend
Organize a wild party
Check on your wife and discuss the news with her

The picture of your wife… hidden safely under the bed
…is hidden safely in your wallet
…is proudly exposed in your mother-in-law’s apartment

Have you ever helped your wife with her chores?

I do that every 25 years
I try to help her whenever I can
I have done it once or twice

Your wife is your own, beloved, and sexy…

Kebab…with extra bacon

Have you ever thought about cheating on your wife?

Such a thought crossed my mind once or twice
No, I cannot imagine my life without her
Yes, but I cannot find a suitable partner

Do you remember about the anniversary?

I would rather I forgot about the whole marriage thing
I buy my wife a present every year to commemorate that event
I have some flashbacks from time to time

You are not!

Well… how to put it? It was not the best attempt, was it? But do not worry, we will not send the results to your wife, so you can just retake the quiz and try your luck once again. Let us all agree that this score was the outcome of you being crazy in love with your beloved one.

Pretty good!

You know what to say and what to do to make your chosen one truly happy. Nevertheless, bear in mind that there is always room for improvement and you can become even more of a paragon of a man every woman wants to marry!

Ideal husband!

You know all the pitfalls and dangers of marriage but you still manage to love your chosen female to the extent no one can even imagine! You know all the important details about her, remember about anniversaries, and make her happy on an everyday basis!

Thank you, we hope that the result of the above am I a good husband quiz is satisfying.

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