Who was I in my past life?

Who was I in my past life?
who was I in my past life
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Who was I in my past life? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you ever wonder who were you in your past life.

Those who believe in reincarnation know that every incarnation leaves some marks on souls so, you subconsciously feel that you had belonged to a different culture. Everybody knows the strange feeling of deja vu. It is said that the human subconscious always keeps some dim memories of the past life. When answering the questions to this who was I in my past life quiz, you make use of your subconscious that keeps a record of your past life.

What is your favorite way to spend free time?

watching tv
doing yoga

What is your perfect type of family?

me and my parents
parents plus one child
parents plus two children
parents plus many children

When do you feel the best?

when it is shiny and hot
when it is warm and cloudy
when weather changes
when it is sunny and cold

What would you use to make a dinner?


What scares you most?


What was your favorite school subject?

foreign language

What is your favorite sport?

american football

What is your first memory from your childhood connected with?

my parents
me playing
my animal

North American!

Your preferences show that you fit the best for the culture of countries in North America, probably the USA. You are an outgoing person with a positive attitude. A combination of your answers gives a clear picture of a typical American. If you have the ability to acquire the English language faster than others it is also strong evidence that your soul lived somewhere in the USA.


You are reserved and forthright, which is most important in your life is your job and your family. You surely care about your health and try to stay fit. You are a typical Asian, who lived somewhere in an enormously big city in one of the skyscrapers. Maths and IT are your strong sides because you might work in one of the big Japanese corporations.

Globetrotter soul!

Your character and preferences indicate that your soul is a mix of cultures. You must have lived in many places, maybe you were a traveler or a pilot. You have the ability to accommodate wherever you go. Your obstinacy and courage have led you to many dangerous places. If you like traveling, the art of surviving and you have the ability to learn languages you surely were a globetrotter.


Europe is large and diversified but there are some common things that connect all European people and you were one of them. Family is your lifeblood and your life without them would be senseless. Plain entertainment like sport or good movies is your way to relax. You don’t feel the need to travel around the globe.

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