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If you have the possibility to travel in time when would you go?

I will stay where I am

Lady Sif

You are a fearless warrior, you have the talent of sword-wielding and can break all limits. You do not care what others think and always bet on your own. You never show affection for anyone but your one true love.

Pepper Pots

Like Potts’s born to be a leader. It may take you some time before this realize that, but that’s what it is! You have great potential to do great things. If necessary, you can pretty kick ass! You give the impression of a shy girl but when the situation turns to be urgent you can quickly transform into a vamp.

Jane Foster

You’re a woman-genius! You have a big heart, a scientific mind, and a passion for all kinds of mysteries of this world. The whole life you work hard, but you manage to achieve all goals and feel satisfied. You’re good at science and have a scientific mind but despite that you believe in supernatural issues.