Which fairy-tale land should be your home?

Which fairy-tale land should be your home?
fairy tale land quiz
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Each of us in childhood have dreamed to move into the world of fairy tales together with Alice, Christopher Robin and Peter Pan. Take the quiz and check whether your adult world will match the dreamland of childhood.

Which sport would you choose if you have to start in an Olympic Games next year?


Which character from The Smurf would you like to be?

Papa Smurf

Which flavor of ice-ream do you like?


Which mean of transport would you choose for the trip of your life?


Which of these animals would you like to be in next life?


Choose one motto which is closest to your philosophy of life?

“Life is a journey to be experienced not a problem to be sold”
Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else.”
I’m not crazy. My reality is just different from yours”

How your perfect date should look like?

Somewhere away from people with a bottle of wine, under the starry sky
On a luxury yacht somewhere on a Pacific Ocean
In an amusement park

How do you spend your free time?

Watching tv, working in a garden
Doing sport, working as a volunteer
Playing card, surfing the net

Hundred Acre Wood

This is the place where you can live close to the nature and in a harmony with your neighbors. Remember that trees have magical power. If you like peace and silence this is perfect place for you. There you’ll have many friends who live next door and are always willing to help.


Although not all people in Neverland cease to age, its best known resident famously refused to grow up so if you feel like you are a child this is perfect place to live for you. Neverland is a tropical island where all your problems will disappear. If you like adventures and if you like adrenaline there you will find such places as Skull Rock, Crocodile Creek or Cannibal Cove.


In this imaginary country which was created in small girl’s mind you can find many strange and unusual things. One is certain, that you can’t get bored there. This is a place for brave people who like adventures and risk.