Which fairy tale did you come from?

Which fairy tale did you come from?
which fairy tale are you from quiz
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Queens and princesses. Bad witches and fairies. The innocent orphans and jealous stepmother – fairy tales are full of archetypes. Among this diversity is hidden heroines and your pattern of personality. Do you want to get to know yourself? Solve the test and find out.

You are going to a pompous prom in a castle how will you dress?

I will spend all my money on something extra to enchant everybody
I will wear classic little black dress
I don’t go for proms cause I don’t have anything to wear

Which place would you choose for holidays?

Cosy cottage
Ice castle

What type of jewelry do you wear?

Diamond necklace
Modest pendant
I don’t like any jewelry

What is your attitude to men?

I like to seduce them and most cases abandon
I kiss all the frogs in case I will find the prince
I wait for my prince and do nothing

What do other people appreciate in you?

I’ve the power and can rule people
I’m hardworking
I’m humble person

What do you value?

Romantic gestures
Beauty of the nature

How do you treat other women?

Like rivals
Like jealous
Dumber than me

The Princess (and the Pea)

You are a true princess from a fairy tale. You won’t sleep on the Pea, and you look for a husband which will be a prince. You dream of grand balls, you love ceremonial occasions where you could shine your beauty. You are a great dreamer, but you are not doing anything to make your dreams put into practice. Waiting for a happy twist of fate.

Snow Queen

Cool beauty, always elegant, haughty, but also ruthless. It’s hard to call you naive person, what irritates you is sentimentality. You know well what you want and you strive hard to set goals. Better not come in your way. You demand a lot from yourself and from others.


You ‘re nor interested in big balls and tinsel world. You appreciate the simplicity and life in a natural setting. You have your own set of values, and their assessments are never superficial. Sometimes you lack confidence in yourself, but you always cope with difficulties.