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Finish the sentence: Me and my mother…

talk on the phone once a week
can’t live without each other
live together

Sports events, Gym, Outdoor feast

You should look for a partner somewhere where you can meet people like you. What does it mean? You’re spontaneous, outgoing, and brave. Everywhere where it is loud, colorful, and crowded is your cattle market. Take with you your best friend and try to look like having fun. Don’t do anything at a push. You can have a drink to get more courage.

Pub, Night club, Shopping center

You belong to the biggest group of the single ladies who are too shy to take matters into their own hands or just don’t have time to do it. You should try to find your love in a place where common single gay goes to when he’s lonely. Such a man would surely go to a pub or night club with a bunch of friends so remember to take some company with you. If you look for a regular guy you can also try to speak to somebody in the mall asking for help opinion when buying some sexy dress.

Office, College, Theatre

You’re still single because you have exacting requirements and what is more you’re still raising the bar. If you look for somebody as challenging as you there is no better place for a search than places where the responsible man works, for example, town hall, college, or the stock market. Remember that living with such type of person also demands a lot from you.