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What is your favorite season of the year?



You will be happy somewhere where the sun shines all the time and the time passes slower. You will feel great in a place without crowds for example living in the suburbs of a city like Rome. A sunny and peaceful place to drink espresso in the morning, people who smile passing you by, this is a perfect place to live for you.


You were born to be a star so there is no better place for you to settle than Hollywood. Your self-confidence and charm will fit into the climate of Los Angeles. A place where dreams come true would be your perfect home. The weather there is always sunny, people’s attitude is always positive. Take a risk and move to Hollywood, there you will be happiest than ever.


The multicultural city where you can find a mix of cultures would be a great place to live for you. The home of Shakespeare and the capitol of clubbing is a mixture for your crazy character. You can be there whoever you want so start to make your dreams come true and move to one of the historical streets. Big Ben! Prince Harry! Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Everywhere will be OK!

You are the type of person who will adopt everywhere. Your motto is “Home is where my heart is” so you can take your home wherever you want. No matter if there is cold, windy, or extremely hot, you will always find a good side of the place and situation. With your personality you would be happy even in Amish Village.