What pet is best for me?

What pet is best for me?
What pet is best for me
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What pet is best for me? That must be a question of a day, right?

If you are planning to have a pet in your house for the first time or if your previous animal friend disappeared, take this what pet is best for me quiz to find out which pet would make you happy as much as you make it.

What time do you usually get up?

I get up early in the morning for my daily jogging
I like to sleep until somebody wakes me up, even until noon
I always get up about 7 o’clock

What is your favorite sport?

ice-skating on tv

How much time would you like to spend with your pet?

I can spend at least one hour a day
It’s hard to say it depends on the day
I have little time but I will take care of it

Where do you live?

I live in a house with garden
I live in a big flat with balcony
I live in a small apartment

Do you like children?

I love children
I don’t mind them
I hate little monsters

Have you ever got a pet?

I always wanted but my parents forbade me
When I was I child but my mother took care of my hamster (or another)
I have a cat but I would have more animals

How often do you leave the town for more than one day?

Very rarely, once or two in a year
Once or two in a month
Very often, I must travel because of my work


You’ll be the perfect owner of a dog. If this would be your first pet you should choose a gentle breed of dogs like Pugs, Corgi, or Boston Terrier. Remember that dogs need your attention all day long so you must consider this decision. If you like to do sport, the dog would be a great companion and help you to stay fit.


You want to have a pet that can welcome you when you come home and play with it from time to time but you’re too busy to have a dog? Choose a cat! This animal is as clever as a dog but needs less attention. You don’t have to take it for a walk but remember that cats need space to feel that they have their own territory. If you create them some kind of a small playground for a cat it would be perfect.


You feel lonely in an empty house but you don’t feel like ready for having a big animal that prevails at your territory. The parrot would fill the emptiness cause it can be loud but cheerful. You can leave it for a bit longer than a dog or a cat but you must take care of it.

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