What makes you laugh?

What makes you laugh?
what makes you laugh
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That’s what makes you laugh says if you are smart and creative, or insecure. Does your laughter attract others to you or keeps them at bay? You will find out by solving our quiz.

On the party at your mother-in-law’s place…

I tell the joke which made me laugh lately
I ridicule my cousin who can’t pass driving exams
I tell the story which happened to me at hairdresser’s

You have invited a friend for a dinner but it burnt. What will you do?

I serve the part which was not burnt and show the picture in the cook book
I serve sandwiches and apologize for the failure
I pretend nothing happened and serve the dish

Which movie will you watch to lift your spirits?

Ace Ventura
Love Actually
Notting Hill

How do you react when somebody ratfinked you?

I laugh at the end but I can really lose my temper
I scream and punch him
I stay calm and think about the revenge

What is your first thought when you slip on the banana skin?

I think it happens only in jokes
I look for the owner of the banana
I make a selfie on the floor – me and the skin

How do you react if your boss tells you really bad joke?

I laugh and pretend it was great
I laugh because such silly jokes really amuse me
I try to smile politely but I won’t pretend it was funny

What will be your reaction if you met on the party somebody dressed the same as you?

I take a picture with this person and tell him/her that he/she has good taste
I try to avoid this person and count that nobody notice
I go home and change

You are a joker!

You like to laugh at everything, which surrounds you. It is one of the ways to cope with reality. You like to tell jokes and make fun of people. What make you laugh is people’s failures, ambiguous situations and non complicated comedies. You smile a lot and pretend that your life is perfect.

You have sophisticated sense of humor!

Not many things can make you laugh but one thing is certain, you can laugh at yourself. You like black humor. Corny jokes are not for you. You like to spend time among cheerful people but you are rather temperate person. You know when you should at least pretend that joke was funny.

You are a buzzkill!

It is really tough task to make you laugh. You see world in grey colors and always think negative like something bad was going to happen. You laugh when you see others defeat. If you tell a joke it you expect that everybody will laugh when it doesn’t work you are resentful.