What kind of mother in-law have you?

What kind of mother in-law have you?
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Mothers in law do not have their own lives this is why they can’t live without interruption in the affairs of his son. Or maybe her life is so lush and intense that she even worse grandchildren? …;) Check to see what kind of “mommy” is your mother in law, and you will learn how to deal with her.

What subject does your mother-in-law touches during Sunday dinner?

She’s complaining about everything like government, neighbors, health
Talks about his activity on social networks, ballet lessons and problems of ecologists friends.
She gives expression to indignation at the decay of morals, especially displeasing to women working like a men
Without great curiosity he asks, how are you, not boring you with stories of her life

What place would she choose for you to spend an evening together?

To her apartment because it is cheaper and nicer
To the pub where is a rock concert or to the art gallery
She would ask you to choose the place
To the church for a religious lecture or for some political demonstration

Does she take care of your children willingly?

Yes but my children don’t like her bans and yelling
Yes because she thinks it is her duty, not always pleasure
She’s too busy
No, she doesn’t like it

How does she treat your husband?

She considers that she must do everything to ensure his comfort.
As a stray soul that must be saved from a bad woman.
As an equal. She ensured many times that she understands his needs and has a common language with his friends.
She believes that she has brought up his son well, and now when he is an adult, he must fend for himself.

How does she treat you?

As a woman who needs teaching in terms of morality and decency.
Simply speaking - as a rival and enemy.
Sympathetic, but does not aim to close contacts.
She wants to have you as a friend, pulls you into confessions

Do you like her?

I hate this malicious jade!
I do not think, her way of life disturbs me
I think so, I know he has good intentions.
Yes. She’s a cool woman

How does she react when you tell that you have less time for family, because you start training, study, course...?

She says Nothing, finally it's your life, not hers.
She recalls that in her time women did not want to make a career. They were pleased to take care of the house.
She declares that she from the beginning knew that the family is not the most important thing for you.
Stresses that she understands you, she has similar plans. She declares that she from the beginning knew that the family is not the most important thing for you.


She’s a witch and this is not a secret. Your mother in law does not have her own life this is why she interferes in the affairs of his son. She is convinced that he is still a little boy who needs advice, support and care. She reproaches, that she had done everything to beloved sonny become a decent man, and you want to waste her effort. It is difficult to fight it, because it is very clever. Don’t let the “witch” to provoke, because she is only waiting. Do not respond to provocations, do not argue, not convince…


Never mind that gave birth to your husband, if he had ten children. She mentally remained a virgin. She knows that men are just about to take advantage of an honest woman. “Virgin” feels great as a part of conservative religious grouping, based on dogma and not-discussion. She hates the young, beautiful, well-kept girls and wants them all clothe in religious robes. Do not convince her to your views, because as you can’t change it. When she will extremely teas you, then slay her own weapon. Every day you ask your angel to give you happiness, peace, harmony…


You must realize that your mother in law does not notice that time passes She still thinks she is young, attractive, sexy woman and more than every men still wants to drag her to bed. She loves viewing colorful newspapers and knows what is fashionable in the season. She hunts on sales, transforms and beautifies them. It does not come to her, that she would look great in them twenty, maybe even thirty years ago. Try to sometimes talk to her not only nonsense, but also importance for life topics, for example spirituality, religion, empathy. You can convince yourself that it’s pretty cool woman.


This is a woman who has her life: work, friends, hobbies, sex … Sometimes you suspect that she has gave you a son with a sigh of relief. Now you care for him, and she has peace and quiet. She doesn’t interfere in your arguments, trying to be neutral. Such mother in-law is a treasure. You do not need to change anything. Do not try to make her into a baby-sitter and do not expect that she will cook for your entire family.