What gender is your brain?

What gender is your brain?
what gender is your brain quiz
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What gender is your brain?

You can check the extent to which masculine or feminine is your brain. To what extent the behavior of men and women is female or male, it depends on the model, according to which the brain is formed. You can be a woman and have some masculine qualities of the mind, and it just depends on the presence or absence of male hormones at certain stages of pregnancy. This what gender is your brain quiz will help you to find out what gender your brain really is.

How easily you can remember a song which you have just listened?

Very easily, I can even sing it
I can sing it on condition that is simple and rhythmic
I can’t remember it at all

Somebody who you know for a few days is calling to you. Will you be able to recognize this new voice on a telephone?

It’s easy for me
I think in most cases I could recognize it
There’s no way I recognize this person on the phone

You are in the company couple of marriages. Two people among those present have a secret affair. Would you detect their relationship?

Rather yes
I don’t think so

Were spelling and writing essays easy to you in the early school years?

Both were easy
One of them was easy
Bothe were difficult

You notice a parking place, but you must park there backwards, and the place is quite narrow. What do you do?

I search for another place
I park carefully
I don’t think too much and just park

You visit your neighbor, during your talk you hear a sound of dripping tap…

I would notice it and try to ignore it
I would mention about this to my neighbor
It wouldn’t bother me


Your brain is female, no matter are you a woman or a man. You are better at guessing other people’s emotions and responding appropriately. You are more likely to comfort yourself in a time of crisis. Studies have found that women tend to be better at empathizing just like you probably are.


Your brain is male, no matter what sex are you. You are generally better at systemizing. In other words, you are often more adept at discovering the rules that govern a system. You like to get deeply involved in activities such as car repair, computing, or building up an extensive music collection.

Mix Brain

You have mixed abilities just like man and woman. You’re good at talking with people as well as in extreme sports or parking in a tiny parking lot. You have both male and female features and emotions.

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