What book should I write?

What book should I write?
What book should I write
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What book should I write?

Almost everybody thought at least once in a lifetime to write a book. Some of us implement this plan but without bigger success. One of the reasons can be the lack of talent and the second is choosing a bad grade of the book. You might figure the answer to your what book should I write question by taking below quiz!

What do you choose to do?

Dream about future life and make plans
Remember good old times
Listen to others stories

Do you think your life is interesting?

My life is ordinary and boring
My life is sometimes like an action film
I have normal life

How often do you travel?

I have no time for travels. I’d rather surf the Internet to see what is going on in the world
I love to visit distanced and desert places and I do it as often as I can
I travel quite often on holidays with my family

What’s your favorite drink?

Sex on the beach
I don’t drink

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

A sip of coffee and a cigarette
Checking the news
Eating breakfast

Which magazine would you choose to read?

American Scientist

Which school subject was your favorite?


What was the book, which you have read lately?

Harry Potter
My mother was nuts ( or other biography)
Into the wild (or other travel book)

Fantasy book or a Mystery Book

You have an uncommon imagination. You can create in your mind unbelievable pictures. What is more they are often very complex? You always lived somehow in a world of fantasy. You probably have an imaginary friend in your childhood, which also was the product of your imagination. You have read lots of books about a fantasy world and have lots of ideas for your own.

Biography or a Documentary

You will be a great author of a biography, autobiography, or even a documentary. You are very observant and you can notice even the tiniest detail. You have also very good memory, which can take you beautiful landscapes and uncommon views with you everywhere. You are sensitive to another’s harm and always try to help as much as possible.

Action and Adventure or Romance Book

You will be a prolific author of an action book, adventure story, or even a romance. What is important that there must be some action in the story. You are the type of person who easily fall into trouble. You are romantic but willing to travel and have some fun. The best choice is to write three books or to combine all these types in one work.