How well do you know the world of online games?

Do you know the world of online games?
online games quiz
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We all love to forget about out mundane chores for a while and engage ourselves in an immersive and fascinating digital experience. Therefore, let us check how much you know about the world of online games!

Why is such a form of entertainment called „online gaming” ?

Because you need to feel connected to the person you are playing with.
Because you play with other people via the Internet.
Because that was the easiest name to come by, apparently!
Because the Online Limited Liability Company created the very first game of such type.

How are online games where you compete with other players, kill monsters, and gain experience called?


What is name of the MOST popular Massive Multiplier Online Game ever created?

Tetris Online
Legend of Barbarian
World of Warcraft
Snake Universe

The diagram showing your abilities and powers in such games is called…

Skill tree
Fortunetelling tree
Power tree
Nerd tree

What is the name of one of the most appreciated gaming conventions in the world?


What are the players controlled by the computer in online games called?

Digital gamers
Wizards of the Net
Computer-controlled players
Non-playable characters
Non-purchasable characters

You know nothing!

Either you do not really like this form of entertainment or you are not in touch with the latest trends in the industry.


Choose another game and broaden your horizons. You have definitely played some online games, so you have basic knowledge and certain expectations concerning such digital toys. Great!

MMO Master!

Other players fear you and it is certainly not a problem for you character to get the best gear and kill the hardest bosses in the game. Good job!

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