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“Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

Pulp fiction
Dirty Dancing

You’re as Green as Grass!

You’re a movie crank. You rather have no memory to remember all these dialogues in all these films which you’ve seen for so many years or you simply don’t pay any attention to what you’re watching. If you’ve ever thought that you can become a movie cranks forget it.

Ordinary Movie-Goer!

You’ve seen all blockbuster from last years but you didn’t make it at any cost. A movie is your hobby or way to relax and spend time with friends and family. You probably have a collection of movies on DVDs but you don’t have enough time to watch all of them. If you have enough free time you’re used to catching up.

Movie Critic!

Do you still remember how does the world outside your living room be? It seems that you spend your life watching films or that you have a very good memory. You know everything not only about the most popular films but also about those more common. Your life revolves around movie premieres but it is not good for you. What about your social life and family? Remember that real-life exist outside the screen.