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How long did last your last talk with her?

she gave me a short shrift so we haven’t a chance to talk
we had a short talk, just kind of polite exchange of views
I don’t remember cause time passed so quickly…

Better forget about her!

She is absolutely indifferent to your efforts. She probably lives in a different world and she treats you like a friend. Maybe you don’t go well together. She seems totally emotionless towards you. If you care about her you must change your strategy because what you are doing now doesn’t work at all. Think about what you can be doing wrong or ask for a piece of advice some more experienced friends.

There’s a glimmer of hope!

All is not lost yet but you must try very hard and show her that you treat her seriously. Remember what do woman like most is showing affection and being romantic. Maybe you are too offish or she just needs more time to trust you. Don’t miss a chance!

You’re going to have a shared future!

Why you are still wondering what to do? It’s obvious that she is interested in you. Her every gesture and smile is showing her affection to you. Now you should mull the situation over how to act in order to not ruin everything. You’re a lucky guy so with a little bit of honesty and communication, you’ll be able to keep your girl by your side. Just make sure that you remember to make her feel special.