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Have you ever been to fortuneteller’s?

Yes, I have been a couple of times
I was once cause my friend made me to
I don’t believe in fortuneteller’s. They only want your money

You probably have a gift of prophecy!

You’re a real medium. You have got hidden abilities that a lot of people envy you. This is time to use your mind powers. Don’t ignore your premonitions, they can be really helpful. Buy tarot deck and learn how to use it or just pay more attention to small signs that you can find in your surroundings. I’m sure that faith gives you signs.

You can develop your sixth sense with hard work!

Some people say that paranormal powers are nothing more than our brain which can be better developed and used in bigger parts by some number of people. There is a theory that everybody can reach some levels of using the power of the brain with the help of systematic brain exercises. You can help your senses develop by doing yoga or meditating.

Wisdom and understanding are your powers!

You are rather a type of realist than a fan of intuition. You are convinced that science can explain everything. You don’t believe in paranormal phenomena, premonitions. It would be better for you to stay in your common sense.