Do I have insomnia?

Do you have insomnia?
do I have insomnia quiz
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Everyone needs sleep, but some people suffer from insomnia. However, the quality of sleep is different. Some are well rested after a few hours and others feel as they were awake, so never be well rested. And how is it in your case? Is your sleep healthy or do you suffer from insomnia? If you have sleepless nights, find out why by taking below “Do I have insomnia quiz”?

What time do you eat your last meal every day?

4-6 hours before sleep
3-2 hours before sleep
1 hour or less before sleep

Do you go out for a walk in evening?

Yes, every day
Yes, when I have time
No. I would rather rest at home

What time do you smoke the last cigarette every day?

I don’t smoke
Before I go to bed
I wake up in the middle of the night and smoke

Do you snore?


What are you sleep on?

Hard mattress
Comfortable bed

Do you have a nap during the day?

Almost every day

Do you open the window in your bedroom when you sleep?

Yes. No matter which season is
Only in the summer

How often do you wake up in the night?

Not even once
Once or twice
More than twice

Do you take any sleeping pills or pain killers?


Not Insomniac!

Your sleep is very healthy and certainly you are not threatened by insomnia. You sleep like a baby! Your dream is deep, healthy and not interrupted. You don’t have trouble falling asleep. Even if in evening something upsets, you would fall asleep fairly quickly. You rarely remember your dreams, because they are usually remembered only when we wake up in the phase of dreams. Dream allows you to properly rest, which pays off during the day. Your open mind, perceptiveness, etc. it is the result of healthy sleep. Keep in mind that such a state is not permanently assigned to you. Insomnia can also reach you.

Healthy Dreamer!

However, there are certain nights where you get tired more than a nap. Your sleep is then restless, intermittent, sometimes with nightmarish dreams. However, one should say that nothing happens without a reason. Too late eating hard digestible meals, excessive stimulants or even too little exercises during the day causes this state. Insomnia is also caused by stress. An evening walk can help you to make your dream more healthy.


The night is sometimes a hassle for you, and insomnia is your natural state. Difficulty in falling asleep bothers you every night. Once you fall asleep, you wake up at night going back to sleep if you have a big problem. You believe that the best way for a good rest and insomnia are sleeping pills. Somehow it is, however it would be much better to change daily habits. If you live healthily during the day, then sleep will be healthy. There is also the possibility that you suffer from nocturnal sleep apnea. If so, be sure to seek medical attention, because this ailment is very dangerous.