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Green is the color of peace and nature. Such people love peace, and many of them are endowed with healing abilities. However, this color is not clear, on the one hand, it means gentleness and friendliness, on the other hand often betrays an exaggerated inflexibility of character. Green is characteristic of good people who are always willing to help. You can feel it among doctors, nurses, teachers.


Red is the color of people dynamic, goal-oriented, and having the energy to achieve it. “Red” is a born leader – seek to achieve life success. They do it very effectively. They very often have responsible jobs and they are created to manage a team. They have charisma and electrifying personality.


Blue is the color of vitality, long retaining youth, and charm. “Blues” are often above average intelligent, brilliant and honest, openly express their beliefs. Blue is the color of spirituality and wisdom.


Orange is a color of a great people, kind, caring and cheerful, open-minded, always willing to help and cooperation. They are making friends quickly and are able to nurture them for years. Everyone is comfortable in their company. They control their emotions and are not argumentative.