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If you could travel in time which century would you choose to go back to?

I will definitely go to the future
I would visit Middle Ages
It would be a travel to the Age of Dinosaurs
I don’t want to interfere in the time continuum

Paris Hilton

You were born to be a celebrity and your soulmate is one of the most popular for being popular. You like everything that is glamorous and luxurious. You like to spend money on cosmetics. Paris is a master in shopping and sales. She is also very sentimental and emotional. She loves to party but she also appreciates family and friends.

Angelina Jolie

Your life is a mission. You like a comfortable life and you don’t mind luxury and fame but at the same time, you think about other people. You like to share and giving gifts rather than getting them. You sometimes donate some charity organizations. You always have a really big family and you are still working on that. You like animals and children. You care about the health of your family and yours.

Leonardo Di Caprio

You are as free as a bird. You can’t stand too long in one place. You are independent from the very beginning of your adulthood. You don’t want to settle down yet because there are too many places to see and too many things to do. You have a tendency to work too much, some even say that you are a workaholic.


Self-worship is a dominant trait in your personality the same as in Ronaldo’s character. You think you are a hub of the universe but your charm and pugnacity augment you lots of friends. Your good humor and positive attitude are infectious. You are a social butterfly because you love to be in the spotlight.