Would you enjoy being a freelancer?

Would you enjoy being a freelancer?
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Not everybody dreams about the stable and secure job in a big company or corporation. Some of the people are thrilled by the idea of creating our own workplace and adjusting the employment terms to our own needs and expectations. Why not to check if you are one of them?

The main privilege you would like to enjoy in life is…

The chance to earn a lot of money without real effort
The opportunity to follow a strict routine in every sphere of my life
The ability to work as much as I want and where I want
The chance to travel while working

Are you capable of focusing on one task only without any supervision?

Yes, I am capable of performing one task only, even without someone telling me what to do
Yes, but I find it difficult to complete the task without being distracted from time to time
No, I find it completely impossible execute a task without help from others

While starting a big project…

I always ask other people for support, advice, and hints
I prepare a plan and try to stick to it afterwards
I start from realizing the sub-tasks that seem less demanding than others

After realizing a given order that has been placed and when I have nothing else to do…

I tend to relax and spend the earned money freely
I tend to sleep a lot to regenerate
I tend to browse the Net in search for new orders and offers

When you have at least two crucial tasks to be realized ASAP…

You try to do the first one and start the remaining task if time allows
You try to do the tasks simultaneously or in alternation
You abandon one of the tasks, completely focusing on the other one

While working on my own and having unlimited working hours I mainly value…

Lack of strict schedule
Total freedom
Order uniqueness
Full flexibility of employment

Not for you!

Of course, you may still consider starting a career as a freelancer, but to be perfectly frank – you seem to have a great time at your current post, so there is no real need to change it for something else.

You have a potential!

It may be used to create your own company or a start-up and check whether or not such a career path is suitable for you. Before that, check the skills that are needed for such work and specify if you are capable of making such a change in your life.

Born Freelancer!

There is an outstanding freelancer in front of our eyes! You are perfect for this job and we bet that you have been considering this option for quite some time now. Maybe it is the perfect time to make a shift for better?

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