What kind of business should you set up?

What kind of business should you set up?
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Nowadays it is hard to find such field on the market, which will benefit because so many people in the world are trying all the time to make money. Business can be connected with everything from denture to limousines. If you think about your own company but you have doubts which branch should you choose take this quiz and answer some question.

Do you like risk?

I like adrenaline and surprises
I don’t like anything which can disturb my peaceful life
Everything can have its own good sides

How much time can you spend at work?

I can devote all my life to my own project
I can be at work 8 hours a day
I cannot be at work longer than 4 hours a day

Can you cook?

I can do many fashionable dishes from all over the world
I can make scrambled eggs and sandwiches
I can cook good traditional meal

If you have expensive yacht what name will you give it?


How would you like to spend Friday evening?

In one of the best restaurants
At home by the fire with a drink
In casino

Which of these sentences describes you?

I have vivid imagination and a lot of friends who like to visit me.
I’m rather quite person who has one true friend.
I’m crazy and have a lot of crazy friends to do crazy things together

Can you be bossy and apodictic?

I can be bossy if the situation requires
I like to have rules and I like people who obey them
I don’t like to be apodictic

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?

Only few minutes after I wake up
I stop for a minute every time I pass the mirror
I can stare at myself for a while


You are outgoing person with gumption to gather people around you. Your aura has something inviting. You are acquainted with good cuisine so you can easily run your own place. If you don’t feel like owner of a restaurant you can try setting up a Pub. You would be an excellent head of a group of people who would rule their own subordinates.


You are an introvert person who likes to work alone without any pressure. Your scrupulosity will make your new business successful. You don’t have to hire anybody unless you want to start as a big company, which is rather unreasonable. You somehow boost confidence in your person so you will have many clients.


If you are that person who can’t sit in one place longer than one minute and you have already seen half of the world you should make use of your knowledge and set up a travel agency. You can create your own travel routes, which no one has thought of yet. You can organize trips to weirdest places on the globe or combine them with unusual activities. Use your energy and self-confidence to have the best travel agency ever.

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