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What job suits you?
what job suits me quiz
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“What job suits me?” Did you ever ask yourself that question?
Maybe this career quiz will help you to choose.
Doctor or an actor? Teacher or a pilot? You have a great choice of occupations from a gardener to a ship broker. For many people the main factor is just money, but it is hard to be happy if you don’t do for a living what you really like. Check your predispositions.

How would you describe your personality

Outgoing and brave
Conscientious and hardworking
Active and spontaneous
Creative and individual

What do you value the most?

Contact with other people

If you can change into an animal what would it be?


Which celebrity is closer to your character?

Taylor Swift
Adam Sandler

What way of spending free time is your favorite?

Meeting, chatting with friends
Reading books
Doing sport
Surfing the Internet

What is your favorite movie?

The silence of the Lambs
The green mile

What do you usually use internet for

Reading news, listening to music, watching films
Checking what is going on in politics and showbiznes
Finding inspirations

Designer, Driver, Hairdresser, Fly attendant, Journalist, Sales representative, Secretary, Tour guide

Architect, Banker, Civil cervant, Doctor, Engineer, Historian, Librarian, Watchmaker

Bodyguard, Chef, Firefighter, Lifeguard, Publisher, Sailor, Actor, Writer

Artist, Conductor, Researcher, Archeologist, Social worker, Teacher, Vet, Babysitter, Orderly


You know now the job position that would suit you. How about running your own company, take this entrepreneurship quiz and see if you are a born entrepreneur! Feel free to check other career quizzes.