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Have you got problem with solving crosswords?

It’s a piece of cake
Only those hard one
I can’t solve even one

Humanities Talents!

You are open to other peoples’ feelings and opinions. You can see many details in a picture, which is not interesting at first sight. You ate sensitive to music and art. You would rather go to the theatre than to the cinema if you only have an occasion. You should search for your specialty among poetry, prose, painting, or something connected with music.

Life and Science Talents.

You’re familiar with many areas of life and science, but for the most part, your knowledge is very superficial and inaccurate. But you have also a lot of abilities in one particular area. Unfortunately, probably not you even realize it that you have that ability. By asking yourself the question: “Do I have talent” you did not realize how big potential is in your abilities. You must try your hand at many disciplines to find out which is your specialty.

Science talent!

Your strong side is logical thinking and precision. Even if you’re not mathematician genius there are some fields in which you will feel good. Try your hand at astrology, biology, or genetics. Your brain is also very skillful in the area of architecture or construction. You like people who know what they want and do everything to achieve their goals.