Should I work from home? Work from home quiz.

Should I work from home?
should I work from home quiz
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Should I work from home? Are you wondering either working from home is really for you? Below work from home quiz might clarify your concerns.

A number of people like to be independent, flexible, and adjust working hours to their own needs. It seems that working from home is just perfect for them. Are you one of such individuals? Take the below should I work from home quiz to figure it out.

You are considering the possibility of starting working from home, because…

You are not qualified enough to be employed anywhere else
You can then make significant saving, especially on gas and commutation
You want to avoid interactions with colleagues
You have no better idea for leading your life

If you were asked to name your three distinctive features, you would name…

Lazy, stressed, overworked
Result-driven, motivated, innovative
Bold, self-confident, easy-going

You try to make some money to set up your first home business. What steps would you take?

I would ask my family and friends for a lend
I would start a similar job in a company to save money and obtain some experience
. I would start working with what I have, hoping for the best outcome

How do you overcome tiredness and boredom caused by the work routine

I try to get my mind off the work for at least a while
I sleep and eat a lot
I constantly try to look for new bright ideas to improve my business

When do you think is the time to start working from home ?

After one month of unsuccessful work on your current position
After five years of unsuccessful work on your current position
After a year of unsuccessful work on your current position

Which of the following is in your opinion not helpful while working from home?

Limited amount of distractions
Varying stress and creativity levels
Ability to adjust working hours
No need for waking up too early

Some say that a routine, even the best one, may devoid a person of his or her dreams and ambitions. What would you do to counteract that?

I do not really mind having an undemanding job
I would try to constantly attend courses and broaden my horizons
I would change the routine every month to suit my needs

Not for you!

You do not enjoy working from home very much. You prefer to have a daily routine and to stick to it. The schedule worked out by managers and bosses seems to work best for you. In such a case, there is no point in trying to persuade you, but keep in mind that there is always the other option that may be taken advantage of in the time of a crisis.

Kind of on the middle!

A part of you does like the idea and a part of you does not. Therefore, the choice is all yours! The best solution possible is to listen to your heart and to follow its advice. Some people find fulfillment in typical, routine-packed work and that is totally fine!

Totally for you!

Working from home has always been your dream! Now it is the right time to fulfill it… try to accumulate some funds, polish your skills, gain some experience…and try your luck. It is always easier when you do what you really enjoy.

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