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All important decisions I make…

I leave it to another people
In 5 minutes
In 1 minute

You have a great chance to become a politician!

You have a great chance to become a politician at a fairly high level. From the point of view of a group of people associated with you and your political option you’d be a good politician, which could cause a lot of good. This is mainly because you have something of a leader. Therefore, you dominate in your environment. You have the ability to win the favor of the people. But if someone wants to take your place, you can be ruthless in action, but you do it with a kind of grace typical of all true leaders.

You won’t be a politician!

You won’t be a politician even if you showed the greatest willingness for doing so! You are having too many scruples, and the stupidity of some people in power offends you so that you cannot help comments. Even those whom you support, don’t see you as a friend, because they realize that you can easily become their enemy! It is true that you have a lot of qualities of true leaders that every politician should have. But you have also too many complexes and inhibitions.

Good material for second plan politician!

You are definitely a good material for such a politician who stands in the second or even the third row. You have no not a shred leadership spirit. You don’t suffer because of this, you like when the responsibility fell on the others. You look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you’re just a cog in a big machine, and the responsibility for bad decisions rests and so on these “important”. During all kinds of meetings you tend to abstain from voting. You can be a politician, but you can forget about a great career.