Is work in a corporation for you?

Is work in a corporation for you?
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Does the thought about another day at the office excite you? Do you truly love calculating, filling in important documents, and communicating with clients? If so, take the test below and check how much of a corporate mastermind you are!

The first thing that you do after waking up is:

Starting the morning routine, washing up, eating breakfast
Checking the clock and going to bed again
Making a list of shopping for the whole week

As you probably know, work in a corporation requires impeccable work organization…

I hope that my outgoing personality will compensate for the lack of this skill
And that is the only thing I hate about it – mess induces creativity!
That is great! I always have all my notes and important pieces of information ordered!

What is, in your opinion, the key to promotion in the corporate environment

Supporting the supervisors
Performing tasks in a timely and efficient manner
Inducing and enhancing teamwork
Maintaining satisfactory communication with the clients
All of the above

If you were asked to promote your corporation among your friends and acquaintances, which points would you choose?

Regular work hours, rarely changing team
Stability of employment and development prospects
Number of demanding tasks to be realized in an immediate manner

Why are you reluctant to open your own startup?

I am afraid of the instability on the market
I would like to collaborate with the best players on the market
Aside from knowledge and development, my company also offers me extra benefits
I am unable to manage my environment

Corporate job seems to be suitable for me, because…

I am not willing to open my own business yet
I am characterized by proper work and time management skills
I have always wanted to sit in the front of a computer for the whole day
I want to make my family proud of me!

Not a place for you!

Let us just hint that there is always the time for making important, even life-changing decisions and one may be done in this case as well. Try to search for something a bit more alluring, like self-employment or small business co-creation.

It is for you!

You like both corporate environment and being on your own. There is no problem for you to switch from a strict routine to a complete freedom in the execution of the entrusted tasks. Your boss must be really proud of you!

Corporate champion!

You simply cannot imagine any other vocation as this one is the right and the most suitable one for you. Let us forget about small start-up and ideas alike, your company needs you and without such a perfect worker, there will be significant losses indicated in the annual report!