Are you an artist?

Are you an artist?
Are you an artist
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Are you an artist?

People whose right brain is dominant over the left brain have a much greater predisposition to become artists than those who have a better developed left hemisphere. The latter are gifted mathematically and completely do not understand artists. In contrast they lack the romantic approach to life, abstract imagination, and that something elusive which has only real poets. Could you be an artist, painter, poet, sculptor, or musician? Remember, however, that this are you an artist quiz does not answer the question whether you have artistic talents, and what is in your soul.

You are in a rush in your way to work but suddenly you have noticed something beautiful outside the window. Will you stop the car?

Definitely yes. I must take a photo
I will probably slow down a bit

Have you ever written any poem?

I write occasionally
I used to write when I was younger
I have never written any poem

Do you think that your biggest enemy can be a good man?

Rather yes
I don’t know
I’m sure his evil

Do you judge people by appearance?

I always want to know the person better
I try to be objective but if somebody is ugly it can be hard
When somebody is ugly she/he must be stupid

Do you have any of these Hobbies?

painting, writing
dancing, traveling
crossword, sport

How often do you go to the art gallery?

quite often
once a year
I’ve never been

Did you ever ask yourself about the sense of your life?

I ask myself what I am doing here everyday
I think about it in hard times
I’ve never thought about that

Do you notice details which, your friends don’t see?

I always see more
It happens
I’m the last one who sees anything

Are you being moved when you see something incredibly beautiful?

there were some situation which moved me
there are views which touch my soul but it is not such strong emotion
hardy never

Artist of flesh and blood!

In your soul something is playing with such power that it is impossible to keep her under control. Your artistic soul emanates poetry and pushes you into the depths of beauty, where you will lose completely. You can say that you are obsessed with the passion of creation. In your head keep churning new ideas, constantly changing earlier thoughts, but often nothing of what you come up with not realized. But you are a happy man. Even in moments of greatest despair in one moment you can change the mood for joyful. Just that you will see something that will delight you and forget your worries.

Partial artist!

You are overwhelmed through life. In your artistic nature of your soul, temporal problems rise above the elusiveness of artistic activities. It is very difficult for you to bring out what is most beautiful in you. The pursuit of money, career is more important for you than your spiritual life. In your constant rush, you often forget that your artistic soul needs food, it needs emotion and beauty. Of course, I realize that from time to time you apply for this food. Your meetings with art are quite random like “maybe we would go to the theater?”

Not an artist!

Artistic spirit is not your soul. It is possible, however, that somewhere at the bottom of your soul lies the spark of artistic inspiration. You did not know and probably will never know. You treat the works of human hands, the creation of the human mind, works of nature indifferent. Unfortunately, all these works have not for you any value in the spiritual sense. If you notice something in them, it will be only the material value, the possibility of capital investment. You do not ask yourself senseless, philosophical questions and you do not consider your own failures and you go through life with widely spaced elbows.